About Us

Your Body Evolution was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, M.D., following decades of work in a thriving Toronto-based family practice and the realization that most of his patients shared something in common: they were all overweight, faced significant health challenges and, no matter how hard they tried, were unable to win their battle with the bulge. After becoming frustrated by the lack of results his patients were experiencing on fad diets ranging from low-carb to cookie diets, he tapped years of advanced medical research and clinical experience to build a very different type of weight-loss system. Dr. Brown came to understand that the key to achieving lasting weight-loss results meant addressing patients’ distinct health issues.

Your Body Evolution Weight Loss Clinic analyzes patients’ individual body blueprints at the cellular level to highlight underlying challenges ranging from immune deficiencies and food sensitivities, to high blood pressure or diabetes and hormonal imbalances. That unique approach allows Dr. Brown and his team to develop a customized weight-loss plan for each patient. It’s the type of cutting-edge medical approach that empowers patients to shed weight, feel great and look years younger.

The Weight loss clinic team of registered nurses, wellness assistants and professional counsellors has helped more than 20,000 Canadians achieve long-term weight-loss and wellness success. Our Clinic team is trained to provide the right information and support every step of the way with a focus on safety, service, quality and efficiency. As we like to say, we’re passionate about providing the effective programs, support structure and positive energy that our patients need to achieve their goals—our unique approach doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives.


Trust the Your Body Evolution team to produce a customized weight-loss plan, listen to your questions and concerns, and offer our unique expertise and support. Tapping decades of experience, we provide the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off for good.


Your Body Evolution analyzes your individual body blueprint at the cellular level to highlight underlying health challenges, kick-start your metabolic processes and build a customized plan designed to optimize health and deliver unimagined weight-loss results.


Your Body Evolution delivers life-changing results. Our medically-supervised system empowers you to change your body by changing how you eat—and never through starvation. Get ready to live a happier, healthier and more active life than ever before!

As a physician I knew that nutrition and lifestyle were important for optimal health and wellness, but I recognized that as patients become healthier they actually lose weight more quickly. I reasoned that instead of telling my patients that they had to lose weight in order to be healthy, I should be helping them to be healthy in order to lose weight. I know that obesity isn’t simply a matter of over indulgence or a lack of will power – it is a combination of genetics, environment, nutrition, and lifestyle. My vision is weight loss for every person and every purpose.

Dr. Jeffrey Brown