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How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Your Body Evolution is a customized weight-loss program that analyzes your unique body blueprint to correct imbalances and dramatically boost overall health and wellness. Developed following decades of research and in-field expertise by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, M.D., Your Body Evolution changes the way your body stores and metabolizes food, kick-starting its ability to rapidly lose weight and slow the effects of aging—all without fad-diet gimmicks or expensive ‘diet’ foods. In fact, the key to the program’s effectiveness is an understanding that food is merely information that can be used to promote overall wellness. The program changes how your body reacts to food by giving cells what they need and eliminating what they don’t. How? By leveraging the simple concept that there is no such thing as good or bad food, only food that’s good or bad for you. That’s why Dr. Brown has developed his own unique food groups, and teaches his patients how to use those groups to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes using real food to deliver rapid and dramatic weight-loss results–all without the boredom that sabotages most dieters’ success.
Your Body Evolution addresses six key challenges that impact the efficiency of your metabolism and dictate how you lose or retain weight—genetic predispositions, deficient diets, microbes (bacteria, viruses), toxins, allergies and stress responses. Dr. Brown and his team analyze your unique body blueprint at the cellular level using detailed blood chemistry data, then work to optimize your body’s cellular function by designing a customized diet program that promotes detoxification, boosts cellular communication and balances hormones, improves digestive functions and transform your body’s adaptive response to stress.
As many patients soon learn, Your Body Evolution not only helps them lose weight and keep it off, but dramatically improves their overall health and wellness, helps reduce (and often eliminate) their reliance on medications and gives them control over their lives. And best of all, our program is sustainable. Our month-to-month plan offers total flexibility with no long-term requirements, while our simple and affordable fee structure makes it easy for patients to stick with the program until they achieve their goals. Then, once they’ve reached their target weight—and if they remain within five pounds of that magic number—they can continue their body evolution free of charge! It’s all part of our commitment to providing the ongoing support our patients need as they work to change their bodies—and their lives.

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